Meet The Owner…

    Kelowna Stylists - Hair Salon Kelowna
    This Penticton raised girl is passionate about the industry and has a huge love for her team. She has big dreams, and a work ethic to back it up. Not only does she have a fab salon but she has one of the best wardrobes in town. 🙌🏻 She loves supporting local businesses and traveling the world is her most loved hobby.

    So Tab please tell us what is the best part about owning Mod Salon?

    The best part of owning Mod is the staff, the culture, the family we have created. The fun we have every day learning from each other both personally and professionally. A day at Mod is not a workday for me. I love coming to work and pumping everyone up for an awesome day!

    Where does your inspiration come from?

    My inspiration has morphed and changed over the years. At the moment I find inspiration in My employees. I find my inspiration in the power I have to create space and opportunity to make these wonderful humans lives full of creativity, and fulfillment in their careers and relationships. I also find great inspiration In Emotion, I enjoy creating something that can make you feel something. Color, textures, Interior design also inspire me.

    What 3 things can you not live without?

    The three things I couldn’t live without are My family, My animals, My Business and my velvet Gucci bag. (lol)

    Where did the dream & vision come from for Mod Salon & Styling bar?

    My vision for Mod style bar. It also morphed from my original location. I travel a lot and I always get my hair blown out everywhere I go. I realized Kelowna has no proper blow out bar and wanted to open my own. The style bar is still a full-service service salon with the added luxury of a blow out bar literally at a bar... A fully licensed bar.🥂 Another favorite of mine is Champagne!! No salon I have ever been in has been licensed, I wanted to be the first to marry the two luxuries of champagne and hair! Game changer!

    What is your favorite hair trend right now?

    I absolutely love the Bridgette Bardow Fringe, and Shaggy haircuts! I'm obsessed and try to get anyone to let me cut that gorgeous fringe for them! Its super trendy and very sexy to me.

    and last but not least girl what's your favorite lip color, you always look so glam!

    Anything Nude with a hint of peach or pink Boxom lipgloss is my absolute favorite brand and I probably have 6 at the bottom of my bag to choose from. 💁🏻‍♀️

    Thank you so much for sharing.


    We strive to make people feel more beautiful than they already are. Our mission is to be set apart from the average beauty salon; being earth conscious while creating beauty with love and passion.